Beta Blast Juice Recipe | Cantaloupe, Carrot, Apricot

Well what do you know, I found some apricots. If you’re keeping up and read my last article you may remember I substituted nectarines for apricots. So, I decided to go back and do the recipe the way it is in The Juicing Bible. The Beta Blast Juice recipe is an awesome fresh fruit juice for people looking to infuse their body with beta-carotene.

beta blast juice recipe

Fresh Juice: Beta Blast Juice Recipe

 Serves 1

  •  3 carrots
  • 2 fresh apricots, pitted
  • 1/4 cantaloupe, peeled and with seeds

beta blast juice recipe

The apricot doesn’t juice well in my Omega J8004 juicer, so I had to go slow and follow each one with a carrot. Slow and easy with this one and let the juicer run to get all of the apricot juice.

This is a delicious recipe, easy to make and full of beta-carotene. Juice and enjoy!

UPDATE:  Tips for Picking Apricots
1 .Buy fresh. Opt for in-season apricots — late spring through the summer — which are grown in the U.S. Out-of-season (winter) apricots have to get shipped from other countries and, to make the long journey, these apricots have to be picked when they’re under-ripe, which means they’re more likely to contain less flavor.
2. Choose carefully. Examine each apricot for plumpness and a golden, or orange-red, color. Avoid apricots that are green or pale yellow, or that are bruised or shriveled.
3. Give them a sniff. An apricot that has flavor also has a sweet and ready fragrance.

If you have a juice recipe you’d like to share with me, please contact me. I’ll be sure to give credit where credit is due. As always, thanks for reading and happy juicing!

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Sources for this article include:

The Juicing Bible 2nd Edition

Medical Daily

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25 Responses

  1. Hi Rich,
    Thanks for sharing the juice recipe here. I would like to try this whenever I have time. Thanks for sharing . Keep sharing & keep it up.

  2. The juice that easy to make, and certainly very rich in vitamins. I love it.
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  4. John

    Hi, Rich Donahue, What a great Idea to share this blog. It is easy to make. Thanks for an awesome post!

  5. Alberto

    Incredible information! Thanks to share! Carrot and Apricot are very healthy for the respiratory system. they can prevent an inflammation of the bronchial tubes

  6. Jared

    Interesting I never considered that apricots would be good for juicing. I’ll have to try, thanks!

  7. Júlia says:

    Great recipe , my family loved it 🙂 Apparently using melon did not seem a good idea , but it was very good indeed .

  8. ritesh45 says:

    Superb! I had this juice and this is really healthy for all, Also like your post and enjoyed by reading , thanks for this beautiful post.
    ritesh45 recently posted…Basicslife Men’s Shirts OfferMy Profile

  9. Kate says:

    I will this recipe at home. It’s looks delicious and healthy! Thanks!

  10. amy

    There are a lot of websites these days, but yours has really impressed me with its great articles and awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  11. stacy says:

    This looks like a great recipe. I try to put some carrot in all my juices.
    stacy recently posted…Paleo Cookies and TreatsMy Profile

  12. Izzy Manning says:

    I tend to find that its difficult to get a lot of juice from apricots so I always like to mix this with some apple but using a cantaloupe seems a good idea. Thanks for the tip.
    Izzy Manning recently posted…Juicing Is Nutritious And Tasty. Get Started Today!My Profile

  13. Christina says:

    Thanks for sharing awesome recipe.. sure i will try :):)
    keep sharing..

    stream music online
    Christina recently posted…The Value of the Internet in Providing Music and Artists OnlineMy Profile

  14. Oon says:

    I triple the recipe and make a jar for my family. Thanks for the super easy juice recipe.
    Oon recently posted…Diabetic Diet: Healthy Eating for Diabetics to Manage DiabetesMy Profile

  15. Carrot and Apricot are very healthy for the respiratory system. they can prevent an inflammation of the bronchial tubes ( prevents an asthma attack).
    that Juice can even prove healthier if added some flaxseed to it ( adds Omega-6). Cantaloupe rich in Vitamin K which is good for the eye.
    thanks for the idea, Rich. didn’t see it elsewhere on the web.
    NaturalRemedies recently posted…Another healthy recipe for the respiratory system. the Butternut…My Profile

  16. Erwin says:

    The juice that easy to make, and certainly very rich in vitamins. I love it.
    Erwin recently posted…Garmin Forerunner 110 Watches with Heart Rate MonitorMy Profile

  17. Hi there Rich. Just thought I’d drop you a comment on this post (seemed as good as any) to say that I’ve read some of your posts and I’m liking the blog! Expect to see me around in the comments! 😉
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted…survive anything guide
    My Profile

  18. ricki says:

    These ones really hard to be found. I want to try, but apricots and cantalope are really rare in my place 🙁 I hope there’re another ones that similar like those…
    ricki recently posted…Starting Yeast Free DietMy Profile

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