Health and Nutrition: Avoid Processed Food

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be writing articles on health and nutrition. These of course will be tied in with juicing since I’m a strong proponent of integrating juicing into a healthy lifestyle.

What is processed food? Processed food is food found in stores that has been prepared and stored for consumers. Products like canned or frozen foods are processed foods. White bread and even some whole wheat bread is considered processed food. Condiments like ketchup, barbeque sauce and salad dressings are processed foods and of course fast food establishments serve processed foods. Processed foods are products that have been cooked or altered from their natural state so they can be stored long term resulting in nutrient deficient food.

processed food

One of the first things I did years ago was to quit drinking soda pop. This included diet soda. I stopped cola or anything that is a sugary processed drink. My kids helped me with that. They started this healthy change first and I followed. Thank goodness for smart children!

The study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered some frightening facts that should make us all swear off diet drinks and products.

Diet sodas raised the risk of diabetes more than sugar-sweetened sodas!
Women who drank one 12-ounce diet soda had a 33 percent increased risk of type 2 diabetes and women who drank one 20-ounce soda had a 66 percent increased risk.
Women who drank diet sodas drank twice as much as those who drank sugar- sweetened sodas because artificial sweeteners are more addictive and are hundreds to thousands of times sweeter than regular sugar.
The average diet soda drinker consumes 3 diet drinks a day.

Processed Food is Unhealthy

When food is processed, nutrients are lost, including fiber. Some products may be fortified or enriched to compensate for the lost nutrients, but fiber is not always added back to foods and the fortification or enrichment is not as beneficial as the natural whole food.

Sodium, added sugars and/or fat may be added during processing. Avoid anything loaded with sodium, sugar, fats, artificial flavoring, chemicals and additives. Read the Nutrition Facts Label and Ingredient List when buying processed foods. You may be surprised by the amount of sodium and sugar. Processed foods are linked to obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other illnesses. Food processing may also alter food in ways that might increase the risk of cancer. Minimize your consumption of processed food and of course, fast food.

Here are a few to stay away from:

  • Cupcakes
  • Frozen dinners
  • Hot dogs
  • Gummy candy
  • Chips (read the label)
  • Soda pop

5 Condiments to avoid or use less of

  • Mayonnaise – Commercially prepared mayonnaise is loaded with fats.
  • Sour Cream – Commercially prepared sour cream contains lots of fillers and preservatives.
  • Ranch Dressing – Read the label. Much of what is on the label bears little resemblance to food.
  • Ketchup – If you use commercially prepared ketchup you are getting a lot of high fructose corn syrup which quickly builds your daily sugar intake.
  • Barbeque Sauce and Steak Sauce – Again, not much that goes into these sauces can be identified as real food.

Is All Processed Food Unhealthy?

Generally speaking, no. Here are a few that technically are processed, but otherwise nutritious:

  • 100% whole grain, nuts, barley, quinoa
  • Canned beans
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Nut butter without added sugar or sodium
  • Veggie burgers
  • Frozen wild salmon
  • Plain greek yogurt
  • 100% whole grain bread

What About Juicing?

I don’t consider fresh fruit and vegetable juice to be processed. I use fresh fruits and vegetables from the supermarket, or my garden. I don’t add anything to my juices unless it’s natural and I don’t store my juices for very long. I’ve found juicing to be very healthy and it helps me to get more fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet.

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet

How Diet Soda Makes You Fat

Food Additives, Safety and Organic Foods

Are all processed foods really bad for you?

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Rich Donahue

I am a natural health enthusiast and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Health from the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences. My website PRIME Juicers is dedicated to people who enjoy juicing and want to improve their health and lose weight by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I also write about blending, nutrition and natural health. Please join me and have fun juicing! (I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items from my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.)

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    Thanks Rich! I am just planning to start with my detox journey and yeah, this article of yours is surely very helpful. Also, I don’t get why people are so obsessed with Gummy Candies anyway.

    Thanks again!
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  16. Eating processed foods are now common today. This article could be a better awareness on what process foods can do to our health. It is better to consume foods that are natural and fresh such as fruits and vegetables and limit ourselves of too much meat.

  17. Catherine says:

    Tin foods contain lots of chemicals and preservatives I think even every child know this. Always try to eat healthy and fresh food.
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  94. Peter

    Biggest thing with weight gain these days is the amount of sugar we intake and do it without even knowing it. Sugar is in practically everything we eat and would explain so many circumstances of bad health within society but cutting out soft drinks is a big one. That is a major killer

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    This was a good read, Rich. You hit the nail on the head re: soft drinks! I always tell my friends that want to lose weight to just drop all soft drinks. Most can’t because they’re stuck in the high/low cycle that sugar gives. I was there about 7-8 years ago, I was having a Diet Coke with every meal and in-between meals. It’s funny though when I was drinking soft drinks I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Hindsight is always 20/20!

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  118. Liana says:

    Hi Rich, sometimes it’s easy to forget how unhealthy processed food is, and I had no idea that diet drinks were so bad for you. That data is really scary. Now that I’m making food for my daughter (she’s almost 2), I’m trying to be really careful and only give her healthy food. Time to reevaluate the shopping list : ) Thanks for the great info.

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    When you’re looking for a healthy alternative to sugar, try honey, but make sure it’s raw honey!

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  126. First of the killer foods are Trans Fats: are fats that have undergone a chemical change in an artificial way. To obtain them simply add hydrogen to vegetable oil so as to make it more solid. Also there are hazardous metals integrations (such as nickel) which act as catalysts. They are located in the following products and their derivatives: Seed oil, hydrogenated vegetable oils, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, hydrogenated vegetable fat, partially hydrogenated vegetable fats, margarine.

    In second place we find the sugar. The explanation lies in the fact that industrial sugar, as also of synthetically manufactured grape sugar, are isolated “chemically pure”, for their decomposition and digestion require the same vitamins and mineral substances such as all fruit sugars and natural starches, but while the latter simultaneously provide them, the others would deprive the body. FOR THESE REASONS PLEASE USE BROWN SUGAR OR FRUCTOSE.

    Third among the killer foods are the refined white flour: Refined white flour is produced with industrial grinding of the wheat grain, which excludes the wheat germ which contains amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, B vitamins and vitamins E and the fiber-rich bran. All this leads to an impoverishment of the raw material, creating a product that keeps longer, but is rich in sugars and low in nutrients.

    Fourth among killer foods are The Dairy: cows milk is bad, especially in the growth phase, because it can cause many immune deficiencies and other disorders, including anemia, allergies and even inadequate brain development.

    Fifth among the killers are foods from animal origin Protein: They have an acidifying power. The consumption of animal protein cause a harmful acidification of the blood. Plant foods (primarily legumes) are preferred to those animals because the acidity of their proteins is mitigated by the presence of alkaline substances such as organic acids and alkaline elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium). Animal products undermine our body levels of toxic substances called biogenic amines basic substances resulting from microbial decarboxylation of amino acids. If we are healthy and consumption is modest, we can get rid of it, but if the digestive system is in disorder or the diet is too rich in animal products, the levels of amines in the body increases dramatically causing intolerance and believe favoring the onset of degenerative diseases and increase the risk of osteoporosis. In fact it was found that those who consume too much animal protein has higher levels of calcification of the femur with risks consequences of fractures. For this reason, dietitians recommend that postmenopausal women not to exceed in the consumption of animal proteins favoring those source vegetale.CONSUMIAMO MORE ‘LESS MEAT AND VEGETABLE.

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    thanks for the post.

  130. Jack says:

    love the article top notch guide just have a question what did you mean by Chips (read the label)
    what should look for exactly

  131. Giulia

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  136. Geoff Dodd

    Wow! Soda, hot dogs, chips, all the takeaways, etc., that people are grabbing in a rush to cram more activities into their busy lives. If only people would grow their own fruits and vegetables, and return to the garden. I’ve been studying diabetes. The incidence in the USA is expected to increase from 1 person in 10, to 1 in 3. That would implicate over 100 million Americans suffering from diabetes, (mostly Type-2) by the year 2050. We must take action on this! Juicing is a great way to proceed, in 2017. GD.
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    My God…..Basically after having read this, there go my Friday nights on the town with a goof Ol hot dogs and can of soda. Eye opening post but it was something that was already in the back of my mind. Processed foods are never good for you anyway
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    When I began my natural health journey, one of the first things I did was to remove processed foods. Without any effort, I began to lose the extra weight I was carrying. I couldn’t believe it! It was hard at the beginning, not going to lie but so worth it. Now, I actually crave certain vegetables if I haven’t eaten them in awhile 🙂

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  146. Great ideas! Always looking for new ideas. Lazy for me equals falling off the wagon lol

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  151. Alex Barros

    I pretty much agree with everyone’s comments. I quit drinking sodas and basically all “sugary” drinks and lost 20lbs. in a month. It’s more easy than you think to give up the sugar. If you go without sugar for at least seven days straight, your body will simply give it up. Not crave it anymore.

    In fact that can be your challenge: Give up sugar for seven days:)

  152. Peter

    It terrifies me to think that 80 percent of the food that is out there is basically poison on our shelves and how we do very little to basically avoid the toxic poisons we put into our mouths and not realize what we are eating
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  153. Dianne says:

    I myself have been making some big changes in my diet lately to the point where I am even taking up meal replacement plans to aboid half the rubbish that is out there and have known for a while now processed foods just don’t add up and even DO lead to cancer. I’ve never looked at food in such a negative fashion as I do these days and strictly watch what I put into my mouth. Great post and thanks for sharing
    Dianne recently posted…Chocolate Coconut Protein BallsMy Profile

  154. Matthew

    Once you start to eliminate all the processed rubbish from your diet, it really does make a difference in how you feel. I remember a long time ago when I stared to eat healthily… it was like a fog was just lifted, that I had been in for most of my life? Have you experienced that? Plus the huge increase in energy! I try to get my family to eat a bit healthier, but they try for a week and give up.. :/
    Matthew recently posted…Calorie Restriction, Probiotics, and Gut HealthMy Profile

  155. Thank you so much for this post. It seems like more and more people are getting sick, due to processed foods and the like. On the other hand, I’m not sure how long its going to take for us to come together and do something about this. You are absolutely right when you mentioned processed foods being nutrient deficient food, but you forget to add: “and should be thrown away; immediately.” Also, another thing that bring this all together is the living conditions of citizens and financial status – processed foods are cheaper and is all that a lot of us can afford… how do we handle this situation?
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    Great Article, i thinks more people should be hearing the negatives of processed food. Thanks
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    Great article though!!!!

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    I agree with you.If you look at the ingredients label for a processed, packaged food, chances are that you won’t have a clue what some of the ingredients are.That’s because many of the ingredients in there aren’t actual food… they are artificial chemicals that are added for various purposes.

  166. Becky says:

    thank you for sharing this article it is informative.i do agree that accessing fresh food from the farms is a challenge to the people living in towns but again a visit to the market once a week or twice in a month would save us a great deal. calls for one to be aggressive and determined to eat healthy.

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    Thanks for the information, very important indeed. i wish all people would embrace that but again people in the city hardly access fresh foods from farms that’s why they are forced to buy processed food.

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  169. chege says:

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  170. monica says:

    I agree with you. However, the world is suffering from food insecurity in that we must preserve the food when we get a bumper harvest. This is where food processing comes in. Everyone would like to consume fresh foods from farm. But is this really possible????? It is good that you have enlightened people and it is good to avoid processed foods where we can. As for me, i don’t consume canned meats and sausages since i know that the salts incorporated in these products are carcinogenic.

  171. Mwangaza

    The truth is Processed Food Unhealthy. I love this article though.

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    smriti recently posted…900 Calorie Diet Plan For A dayMy Profile

  173. Abby says:

    You are what you eat. I agree.. most of active ingredients are denatured during the processing period and yes the work “Junk” Avoid it and live healthy life

  174. Nice article. Processed food is the worst thing for our health. We are what we eat. I am always trying to maintain a healthy diet and stay away from all packed food as possible. The only thing I want to stop is drinking coke. It is my only addiction left and I am trying to minimize it.

  175. Troy says:

    Hi Rich. Nice post! Its disgusting how much garbage is actually added to foods. Even a lot of the foods everyone considers “Good” has a ton of unhealthy stuff in it. I have not juiced in awhile. I prefer to make smoothies. This way I can add any vegetables that I want and by adding a little bit of fruit, you cannot even taste the veggies. This is something we are promoting on our site as well.
    Troy recently posted…Diabetes Symptoms in WomenMy Profile

  176. Bradley says:

    These days I actually try to keep away from anything which is packeted but it’s not easy to do. I keep to a meal replacement plan which is healthy, eat light healthy meals with my fruit but most of all, I keep away from anything sugared. Big trick is to keep sugar out and you’ll be fine. Informative post
    Bradley recently posted…Isagenix-Friendly Prawns on ZucchiniMy Profile

  177. Deano says:

    Processed food are basically killers. Everybody wants to know where cancer comes from. There is your answer, processed foods. It’s really a shame that the majority of foods on our shelves are actually dangerous for us. Still it’s suppose to be safe for us. Not a chance in hell. Good write up
    Deano recently posted…5 Great BBQ Ideas for Your Isagenix DietMy Profile

  178. Peter

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    The information here gives a perfect starting point.

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    Thanks for clearly delineating the processed foods.
    It’s obvious but never realized white bread was processed food which I have been eating around twice a week for breakfast! Good that I read now.
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    I’ll let you know. It is also probably good to mention that we had an excellent diet to begin with. Thanks for sharing.

  197. great… hello there. reading this truly opened my eyes. I love soft drinks. haha. but on second thought i’d better start hating or maybe reducing my intake of it. I will be healthy then. great. love to try different natural fruit juices. thanks for the great read.

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    I have learn a lot about juicing here on your site 🙂 Your site is good for learning it perfectly (x Thanks for tips and info.
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  199. Peoolu

    Indeed! Let me say a few things: first of, soda. It contains a high amount of sodium in addition to plenty sugar. Salt attracts water which contributes to your weight. Also, the excess sugar would be converted to fat. Junk food is loaded with fat, sugar and salt. I am sure you know where these go in the body eventually. So i totally agree that every body serious about weight loss should seriously reduce their intake. The most important strategy however, is exercise. Good luck!

  200. James Reese

    Hello Rich
    I have been juicing now for well over 28 years now. It is a key recommendation that I pass on to all of my patients. This article of yours is great for anyone who is a newbie to the Juicing community. Hope to see more like this. I will link this page to my website. Take care and keep up the good work.
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  201. I dont eat processed food any more, its totally Unhealthy!

  202. very nice article..
    from this moment I will leave the soft drink and consume more healthy drinks
    thank you for information. i very love health article like this

  203. Miguel from Miguel Runner

    This was a good read, Rich. You hit the nail on the head re: soft drinks! I always tell my friends that want to lose weight to just drop all soft drinks. Most can’t because they’re stuck in the high/low cycle that sugar gives. I was there about 7-8 years ago, I was having a Diet Coke with every meal and in-between meals. It’s funny though when I was drinking soft drinks I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Hindsight is always 20/20!
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