5 Quick Tips for Juicing

tips for juicingTips for Juicing

I’ve been juicing for years and have probably made as many mistakes as anyone, but juicing is really simple and easy to do. Once you get your own system down, you can really start enjoying the process of juicing. Here are some of my favorite tips for juicing.

Here are 5 quick tips for juicing:

1. Add some fruit to your greens to sweeten it up a bit and smooth out the taste. Personally I love apple. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a granny smith apple or a red delicious apple, I love apples. I think apples work the best, but you could use a pear too. It makes the juice more enjoyable and boosts the vitamin and mineral content of green juice. When you start green juicing, you might need to do this just to make it palatable. I didn’t like green juice at first, but now I love it!

2. Use the freshest produce and use organic if possible. I know not everyone has access to organic produce, but it really is better for you. Organic produce will be pesticide and chemically free. Using the freshest will make a difference also. The fresher the produce the healthier and tastier your drinks will be. If you have access to a farmers market, use it. You won’t be sorry!

3. Leave the skins on when you juice. That’s where a lot of the nutritional value is. I peel my citrus fruits like oranges, but I leave the pith on. I use a peeler to do it quickly. Apples, carrots, grapes and the like I don’t peel at all. Cucumbers, it just depends if their waxy or not. Do it the way that suits YOU. Have fun, experiment and enjoy it.

4. Use a variety of ingredients. It’s best not to juice just fruits, because of the sugar content. If you’re diabetic, please consult your physician before juicing fruits. Work toward drinking as much green juice as you can. The greens are nutritionally the best for you. The fruits are especially good for an energy boost and cleanses. Just be careful about how much of them you juice and drink at one time.

5. Wash, scrub and rinse your fruits and vegetables. Not just because of chemicals and pesticide, but because it’s been handled by others. Buy a vegetable brush from my Amazon Associate Store. It’ll make you feel good 🙂

I hope these tips for juicing help you and remember have fun juicing!

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Rich Donahue

I am a natural health enthusiast and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Health from the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences. My website PRIME Juicers is dedicated to people who enjoy juicing and want to improve their health and lose weight by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I also write about blending, nutrition and natural health. Please join me and have fun juicing! (I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items from my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.)

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  1. John says:

    This kind of tips are so important and useful for food lover.Thank you for this kind of nice presentation.
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  2. Simon S says:

    I agree when you say you should always try and get organic fruits and vegetables. An example of this is every time I buy organic spinach and regular spinach, the organic version usually stays fresher for about 4-5 days longer. Organic is more expensive but well worth the money in my opinion – no nasty pesticides.
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  3. jhoncandy

    You have awesome knowledge on juicing….You really have research skills…thanks for sharing such kind of information.

  4. Denise Jones

    Awesome juicing information… Sharing it with my followers now!

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