Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits and Juicing: Part 1

Rich Donahue

I am a natural health enthusiast and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Health from the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences. My website PRIME Juicers is dedicated to people who enjoy juicing and want to improve their health and lose weight by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I also write about blending, nutrition and natural health. Please join me and have fun juicing! (I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items from my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.)

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  1. Ongoing consumption of fresh squeezed lemon juice in drinking water is a great way to support the liver, which in turn reduces likelihood of Gall Bladder issues which can lead to a damaged Pancreas, and diminished Insulin production.Juicing can benefit everyone. There is no better way to improve your health without visiting a doctor than to take up juicing. This article (and the entire site) is a great resource for information about jucing.

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  2. Ongoing consumption of fresh squeezed lemon juice in drinking water is a great way to support the liver, which in turn reduces likelihood of Gall Bladder issues which can lead to a damaged Pancreas, and diminished Insulin production.Juicing can benefit everyone. There is no better way to improve your health without visiting a doctor than to take up juicing. This article (and the entire site) is a great resource for information about jucing.

  3. AlZaid says:

    I really like the citrus fruits its helps me in weight loss system and not to going me to the Tummy Tuck Surgery Dubai side.

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  5. Thanks for sharing such a great and informative article
    This article and the whole site is a great source of information about juicing. Juices are most important to keep our body fit and healthy.
    keep writing

  6. A lot of people use juicing as their weight loss diet program and health and wellness natural medicine.

  7. HearweGo

    i’m facing some problems with fat… so,i’m gonna follow this diet Thanks

  8. John Michel

    Thank you for sharing an article on such interesting subject.

  9. sharvan says: thats long list of side effect of menopause …….. that effect your health

  10. Sarah says:

    Citrus Fruits Juices help in concentration. Thank you for sharing this

  11. Thanks for sharing such a great and informative article
    This article and the whole site is a great source of information about juicing. Juices are most important to keep our body fit and healthy.

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  13. Citrus is amazing for weight loss too.
    Very informative article.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Prasadhak says:

    Impressive and Helpful.
    this is the best article on the benefits of citrus fruits juice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. I am going to follow this diet after reading your blog
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  18. The vitamins and nutrients that are present in citrus juice are very essential to people’s health. Vitamin C can prevent sickness and improve the person’s health resistance. So it is good to take citrus fruits in the morning, a very good partner for your breakfast.

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  20. nice health advisory. nicely useful to me. I recently followed this type of health advisory. thank you for this post

  21. David Evies

    The properties of citrus fruits help to neutralize stress hormones, secreted by the adrenal glands. This positively influences cardiovascular health, which is a risk factor for the onset of heart disease.

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  23. Nigel says:

    Love all the citrus fruits and natural goodness they provide.

    I had trouble with tonsil stones in the past. Then I found out that drinking water and lemon juice naturally got rid of them after two weeks. Plus its a really healthy drink too.

  24. What am amazing post. I am a health-conscious dieter, so I am really crazy about fruits and different types of juice. I like and appreciate your ideas! Keep writing and sharing! Thank you so much!

  25. Aron says:

    I have heard from my friend Citrus fruits juicing is good for health. It keeps our body strong and full refreshment. Would you please give recipe of this juice? I would like to drink this juice.

  26. love shayari says:

    The biggest source of energy is citrus. Eating citrus everyday is good habit.
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  27. I was not aware about the health benefits of Citrus Fruit Juices. You have written a good post to aware a lot of people like me.
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  28. women health says:

    yes citrus fruits are source of Vitamin C. but today I have learned the importance of Citric acid. thanks rich

  29. Sam

    Citrus fruits are well known for their vitamin c content.. (x and thanks for mentioning it 🙂 juice is great always.
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  30. Sven Cooke says:

    I’m with you Richard. I much prefer getting my vitamin C from juice rather than a vitamin supplements. I love preparing fresh juice everyday.
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  31. swastik says:

    Thanks very much for posting a useful healthy tips, i really loved it.
    Keep on posting great unknown tips.
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  32. rohan

    citrus fruits juice are very healthy such as lime juice or grapefruit juice they are all healthy.
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  33. jackie

    Essential vitamins from citrus fruits helps in maintaining good health. Minor diseases could be prevented by drinking its juice daily or regularly. Cheap or free health insurance plans can be maintained by ensuring you remain healthy always
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  34. Fruits are the great source for healthy body, you provide really great information about it.
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  35. Thejkumar says:

    Fruits helps to keep our body healthy and wealthy. Best Hospitals in India
    one apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

  36. There are so many uses of fruits . They are very healthy and provide us with all kinds of vitamins and minerals . Thank you for the informative post .
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  37. ayu banget says:

    There are a number of advantages of fruits, because of the fact that its natural items a medicine can’t provide you with so much benefits instead of a fruits . These are generally for health and then for other things you can apply for physical exercise any kind of factor that you really desire. Thank you for the Wonderful topic.
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  39. Diana says:

    This is a great article and how well it informs the readers in regards to fruits juice. And through this article, it goes to show a little act of encouragement can go.

  40. Citrus fruits are really healthy. Its very good for health. Thanks for nice post .

  41. What a nice post. I like your post. Its true there are many Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits and Juicing.

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  43. We all know that Vitamin C plays a rather critical role in how our body makes collagen (connective tissue). Furthermore, it is a catalyst, a molecule that helps chemical reactions occur with less time and effort. That’s why this is commonly used by most mom out there to their children. Undeniably, many people don’t pay so much attention with citrus fruits, haven’t seen how essential it is in our body. Personally, when I had so much time, I made caipirinha for myself, this alcoholic drink (not hard) is rich in Vitamin C that prevent scurvy which we need.
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  44. Inlife says:

    Nice a days viamins is very useful..for vitamins we have tablets also…for naturally with citrus juice we will get protiens…
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  47. Health Tips

    This is really a good post. I like this post because it is helpful and very important for health. Citrus fruits are really healthy. It is very essential for Energy. Vitamin C .
    Thanks Mr. Rich Donahue for you nice post.
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  48. mamatha says:

    There are a number of advantages of fruits, because of the fact that its natural items a medicine can’t provide you with so much benefits instead of a fruits . These are generally for health and then for other things you can apply for physical exercise any kind of factor that you really desire. Thank you for the Wonderful topic.

  49. Richard says:

    Vitamins are very useful for everyone. Citrus consists of Vitamins C. Citrus fruits have long been valued as part of a nutritious and tasty diet.
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  50. sumalatha says:

    Fruit is the essential food for our body. Citrus is a good source of the Vitamin C. we have Lot of benefits of citrus. We choose to eat them, we will get good health. Its cleansing our body. Really happy for this blog. Because people are sharing their experiences and thoughts.

  51. health says:

    there are a lot of benefits of fruits because its natural things a medicine can’t give you a lot benefits rather than a fruits these are for health as well as for other things you can use for exercise any thing which you want
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  52. sumalatha says:

    Healthy maintenance is the main part of our life. They mentioned the Citrus fruit Benefits. I know only a few benefits. I have lots of information from this blog. Thanks a lot.

  53. Richard says:

    It is very useful for everyone to keep themselves, how to maintain their health.
    Thank you sharing good article.
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  54. jocelyn says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about citrus fruits. I really learned something new from your post here, particularly about grapefruit and diabetes.
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  55. Lydia says:

    Lots of good information here, will check back often. Keep juicing!
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  56. Evy Febria says:

    Fruit is very important to our body, and many people know this but not all have the fruit in their home
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  57. Maxbond says:

    Citrus would be the good source of the vitamin C.Citrus food contain glycaemic and non-glycaemic carbohydrate kinds of nutrients which would be help to prevent a surge in blood glucose level.

  58. An excellent source of Vitamin C. Good for immune system. Just a few of the many benefits of citrus fruits like lime and lemon. Thanks for sharing!

  59. zohaib

    really I enjoyed reading this post, its so important to lead the way so others will follow.after all good luck and ice to meet you
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  60. Healthy eating and good diet should be a part of our daily life, but it isn’t easy task to accomplish. I write commitments for myself in my diary, and I try to drink one cup of Citrus Fruits every morning.
    By the way, Healthy diet doesn’t mean only “eat healthy food” but also “avoid unhealthy food” like junk food.
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  61. Consuming citrus fruit is indeed one thing that is needed by our body. This is because the fruit contains vitamin C.

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    citrus fruits is one of the fruits that I like. Oranges have lots of benefits, because citrus fruits contain vitamin C. I like to consume oranges to juice. Thank you

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    Excellent post. I think that Citrus Fruit is really good for health.

  67. A morning glass of fresh citric juice has always kept me on track for the rest of the day. I am a strong believer in Natural health benefits of such superfoods. More awareness among even the kids will surely help the masses
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  68. jack says:

    very good article way to reduce LLD. full of C vitamin you can find in this fruit. i used to have cardiovascular problems earlier. now i got rid of those problem with citrus.

  69. Deepak Nirvana

    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing with us. vitamin c is good for your overall eye health. Thank you Keep posting
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  71. Kevin says:

    I was having a lot of problems with my eyes, which made me feel very dizzy in the evenings of a long day in the office on the computer. I decided to increase my intake in Vitamin C from orange juice and what do you know im feeling great.

  72. Gary Stein says:

    I think that it is super awesome that vitamin c is good for your overall eye health. Who would have guessed!?

  73. Andy says:

    Fruits and vegetable are the key to longevity. Just follow the rule: every food that is not industrialized but comes from mother nature, is much more healthy. And fruits are our natural remedies!
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  74. Juliana says:

    Your introduction reminded me of James Lind and his work on scurvy. Great guy, great mind. But most easily affordable citrus fruits are bitter. Like Passion fruit and lemon. Guess there’s no gain without pain.
    Juliana recently posted…Abortion in the First Trimester of Pregnancy: Getting it Right the First TimeMy Profile

  75. HealthCareJunkie says:

    This is a great article! Thank you for posting. I’m always paranoid not taking in enough Vitamin C. But glad to know there are much better supplements that prove the importance of these juices.

  76. Mary Susan says:

    Citrus fruits is my no 1 source of Vitamin C. This help to prevent deficiency diseases like scurvy, etc. This is a really informative piece…thank you for sharing!
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  77. Ruth

    I love eating oranges everyday and many other fruits. I especially love to eat pineapple because I love the sweet taste of it, even though I am a diabetic.
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  78. ranganr says:

    Citrus fruit juice are of great benefit even to prevent kidney stones formed by calcium. Since they are acidic they help dissolve the stones if already formed.
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  79. Citrus fruit are not only yummy but they are packed for of the good stuff. Win Win!
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  80. Adil says:

    Beautiful information found in the article. Thank you Rich! I’m diabetic. I will be careful before taking orange juice!

  81. Ruth

    Hey thank you for telling me about juicing. Since I am a diabetic, I have to be careful about juicing though I would rather eat the fruit instead. That way I get my fiber in too.
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  82. Jennifer says:

    Definitely citrus fruits play a vital role in making us fit and healthy. But over consumption of citrus fruits may result in joint pains in old age so be conscious.


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    Vitamin C is best
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  84. Karen

    Thanks Rich! I’ll definitely try those out, going to try the super defender one first, feel like I could use an extra immunity boost with the cold weather starting 🙂
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  85. TrainingEquipmentForGolf says:

    Thanks for the post Rich. Some great ideas there. Reading some of the comments, I never thought of adding strawberry to orange juice. And kale? Does that actually taste any good? I love kale so might have to try that one!
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  86. Karen

    I love citrus fruits too especially oranges. Do you have any good juice recipes for combining oranges with other fruits or vegetables?

  87. Karl says:

    Not a big fan of Orange juice although i love Lemon and the rest. nice of you to break it into science 🙂
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  88. I never knew citrus was a carbohydrate. This can be good for providing extra energy like you say in your post. Thanks for the post, now, I might make a freshly squeezed juice. Yum!
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  89. trevor says:

    I used to love juicing oranges with a lemon, and in the hot weather putting it in the fridge to chill it, then I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so had to cut right down on citrus fruit,which was a shame as it is the best way of getting your daily vitamin C. I still use apples and all the various berries, but it’s just not the same. I really like the fact that you have included a warning for diabetics, many would not bother.

  90. faissel says:

    Personnaly I love citrus fruits.
    Thanks Rich for sharing with us.
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  91. janis welkie says:

    I’m always looking for natural remedies to solve health problems.I was amazed to discover how many benefits are hidden in the citrus fluit juice! Many thanks for this discovery
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  92. Mirza

    You didn’t mention that citrus fruit also detoxify the body which is helping our body to get rid off the toxins.I like juicing too,but I eat more raw fruit,because many people say that by juicing the fruit is losing fiber content.;)
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  93. faissel

    Hi Rich,
    This is a great article.I am very much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post.
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  94. Great article of health benefits you have, also worth to mention about that you can use food rich in probiotics to improve your health.

  95. Yes I recall the particular tale associated with just how ocean adventurers utilized to acquire scurvy in extended sails due to vitamin Chemical lack of and just how Chief Prepare produced berries agreeable and also this difficulty disappeared!

  96. Stop Snoring says:

    These citres juices are a great way to get your vitmin C levels up which is especially important coming into winter. Plus they taste GREAT!

  97. Dipra Sen says:

    Good article Rich. I have only one advise for your readers, if you have dog then be cautious as citrus fruit is not always safe for them.
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  98. Rachael

    That was an awesome post. I too have the same point of view. Vitamin C helps a lot in fighting with immune system deficiencies and people who are having deficiency of Vitamin C may face problems like early wrinkles etc.
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  99. Erwin from says:

    I love juice. Many people advised me to drink more juice than soda, cola and other soft drinks for health reasons. I agree with them.
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  100. Don Malik

    This is a rich and very educative blog with lots of watering information. Hope to read more of this.

    Health Hope Tips
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    Thanks for telling us the benefits of citrus fruits juices. Orange juice and watermelon juice are my favourite and most wanted choices for the summer season but in winters I only rely on Orange Minute maid.
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  103. EasyClearVision

    This is the fact that we all have fruits but this is also the fact that most of us don’t know that what we are having from that fruits

  104. Dom says:

    I never would have put citrus fruits and energy together, but it makes sense now I think about it.

    Thanks for putting me onto this! Great article.
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  105. Mikel

    Good to know about citrus fruits benefits..I hope to see more from you soon! Great information about health foods, keep it coming!!

  106. Dane Woodruff says:

    We have noticed which lemon or lime fresh fruits is really helpful inside frosty as well.

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  111. Sahil Carepur says:

    This is the fact that we all have fruits but this is also the fact that most of us don’t know that what we are having from that fruits . We just take care of the taste and nothing else.Thanks for the above post as you mentioned each and every thing in detail.

  112. Sagor

    Now I know that orange is not so baD 🙂 this news is making me happy. because I’m a die hard fan of orange juice.
    Thanks for share, keep it up.
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  113. Hi,

    I have heard that citrus fruits is really helpful in cold too.
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    Hello Rich, I now use my juicer virtually every day and am convinced it’s the best invention since the iPod.
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    Great article I juice almost every morning for breakfast. I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels since I started. Great article keeps up the good work!
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  117. John Kocka says:

    These are great benefits of citrus fruits. My family did a 5-day juice diet a few months ago. I always felt great after drinking the citrus drinks.

  118. Audrey Flaherty says:

    Your given tips really great for us. I learn many new things to read your well written article. Thanks for sharing with us!

  119. Surya Tejaswini

    I relish the taste of citrus fruits. I normally hate eating other fruits. But the sour taste of citrus fruits make me eat them alone…:P. Thanks for the post it sounds great.I always have had a doubt whether they cure cold or not. You have cleared my doubt. Thank you keep giving info like this….:)
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  123. Harris says:

    Excellent Delivery!! Truly, there are not any doubts about the vitality of citrus fruits. I always drink the juice that is made by citrus fruit. It keeps me active, gives me re-freshness and I get good feelings when I drink a glass of citrus fruits juice. 🙂

  124. Steven Olschwanger says:

    I found your blog through Google and it having very good information , I am found too much things Health Beneifits.

  125. bioactiva says:

    I love to drink juice every morning.
    Thanks for the information about citrus fruits. maybe i’ll try it

  126. Sissy says:

    Nice share Rich. I always love drink juice than medicine. Naturally is better than chemical.
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  127. Nikky

    I love citrus fruits and especially oranges which i try to at least one per week 🙂
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  128. jenny

    I was recently introduced to the health benefits of citrus fruits by a friend of mine who is a doctor.

    Reading this article brings to life every thing he has told and am so grateful to you for writing this helpful post.

    It is a life saver

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  129. Jane says:

    I like fruits the way it is, I never juice them, just eat them fresh. I don’t really think about the benefits my body gets when I eat fruits because I just enjoy the taste. Fresh fruit juice is still ok, but packaged juice is a no for me
    Jane recently posted…4 Ways a massage help people lose weightMy Profile

  130. There are a lot of good things that we can get from citrus fruits. Yes, Vitamin C, it can prevent your skin from wrinkling! Whenever I feel that my skin needs to be revitalized, I get a lot of Vitamin Cs. Thanks for this article!
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  131. Donald Quixote says:

    Whenever I feel even a touch of the beginning symptoms of a cold I begin to overload on vitamin C. I buy orange juice, fruit and even the little vitamin c candies. Is this actually helping me prevent the cold or could the drastic change in my vitamin C intake be a bad thing for my body?

  132. Apu Mridha says:

    Citrus Fruit is great source of Vitamin C. I’ve been benefited a lot after eating this fruit. Making a juice of it is a great way to get nutrition.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  133. Wholesale Business says:

    Hi Rich ! Your blog is really very informative. I love to take orange and lemon juice for vitamin c. But one doubt always strike in my mind. If we take lemon juice in large quantity ,Is it harmful for us??awaiting for your response !

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    Citrus food are also rich in fibre wich hlps in proper bowel movments and thus prevents constipation.
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    healthy eating and maintaining good diet should be a part of our daily loves. i try to follow that myself and i am still doing that .also for healthy stuffs you can check my website too.
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  141. This is perfect for getting Vitamin C during pregnancy. Aside from being an abundant source of Vitamin C, it is also safe since citrus fruits are natural source of nutrients.

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  143. James Patterson says:

    The big C is always the best for me. I’ll never leave my house before taking vitamin C.
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  156. When I was having a UTI, I was told by different people that vitamin c would either help or hurt. Some said it would help with the infection but others said the acidic level would cause iritation. Do you know which is the real case?

  157. Gary Clements

    Ongoing consumption of fresh squeezed lemon juice in drinking water is a great way to support the liver, which in turn reduces likelihood of Gall Bladder issues which can lead to a damaged Pancreas, and diminished Insulin production
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  162. ricki says:

    I love the most orange of the citrus fruits. Although I prefer it to be squeezed, the juiced ones can be more interesting. It always be fit to be mixed with any fruits 🙂 And for the benefits, as I know that citrus fruits, especially oranges, may lowering cholesterol and keep us from thrush….

  163. Xee

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