Integrating Juicing Into Your Diet

Rich Donahue

I am a natural health enthusiast and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Health from the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences. My website PRIME Juicers is dedicated to people who enjoy juicing and want to improve their health and lose weight by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I also write about blending, nutrition and natural health. Please join me and have fun juicing! (I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items from my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.)

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  1. chelsea says:

    thanks for the quality information. i hope u can writing many article like this

  2. praveen says:

    Truly i agreed with all your points, few points i follow like drinks a lot of water, have a good hearty exercise, some will try to in-cult that is to quit smoking.

  3. praveen says:

    yes ,i do agree with all your points ,few points i follow like drinks lot of water ,have a good hearty exercise,some will try to in-cult that is to quit smoking.

  4. Mozammel says:

    Thanks for your posting such excellent quality content which improves my experience first and give me a greedy text of your blogs.

    Thank You.

  5. What about Tomato Juice? Tomato is a Fruit, right? Also, how about eating the Whole fruit instead of drinking juice?

  6. jk53 says:

    Your are right we should take juices with our normal diet.

    Fish Oil vs Flaxseed Oil: Benefits and Side Effects

  7. Nirmal Sarkar

    That info was really useful. Appreciate the response. Keep sharing more and more information. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. the fruit juices specially less percentage of artificial flavors and the milk shakes of fruit juices which are home made are very healthy indeed this is best way that we can integrating them to our diet

  9. John Thomas says:

    Juicing is a great way to improve health. I believe it helps me get the most out of my fruits and vegetables. Thanks and Stay Blessed!

  10. Trace Lam

    good weight loss suggestions and juice ideas. I want to share my blog with you about weight loss information. Get your free report on latest weight loss information.

  11. Adding juice in your diet plan is an awesome job for your health. I like to take shakes, mix juices in my daily diet plan. And believe me result is awesome.

  12. Dave Jump

    Hi Rich, I must say I tried a juicing Diet for about 1 week and it way way harder than is sounds but it sure did clean out my system ๐Ÿ™‚
    Dave Jump recently posted…Double Dutch Jump RopeMy Profile

  13. ruhi says:


    I am very glad to you for your nice articles. Its a innovative job from you. I am totally agree with your valuable speech. Because juicing food is really helpful to sustain good health. So I expect more article from you in future. Thanks !!!

  14. jenny says:

    Rich I love the great ideas you have since I have been juicing I noticed an explosion in my hair and nail growth

  15. Almoe19

    I love juicing too and I do both juice cleansing and integrating juice in my diet. I like apple and mango juice very much. Thanks for sharing

  16. For 2 days I fasted with juiced fruits within the morning, however no citrus fruits. Then for lunch and dinner. Thank you very much for shring this wonderful post for us.

  17. Marie

    Great. I think juicing has got extremely popular and rightly so. i believe that its brilliant. I juice most of my fruits and veg a lot. thanks love it
    Marie recently posted…Review Of Flat Abs Fast ProgramMy Profile

  18. Daryl

    I’ve been having Kale smoothies everyday for the last 8 months, mixed with bananas and berries. It is by far one of the best things I have ever done and I have felt a huge difference in my energy levels.

  19. Rajib Goswami says:

    Well, I read your article and I agree with you just make some more great articles like that.

  20. Yasin Rishad

    Hi Rich,

    So happy to introduce us juicing into diet. Juice is best when you drink it right after making it. I always love to drink juice. Now i get from here another carrot juice recipe.

    I will also follow to drink juice 20 minute before meal. Thank you for your valuable effort.
    Yasin Rishad recently posted…Tutorial: Transfer Domain From Godaddy to Hostgator – MizmiziMy Profile

  21. Fitibility

    Hi Rich does drinking too much carrot juice will make your skin yellow? What’s the maximum should I consume per day?
    Fitibility recently posted…A 3-Step Guide On How To Gain Weight Fast For FemalesMy Profile

  22. Wanda says:

    Hi.once again i would like to thank for’s very useful for us keep sharing more and more about juicer.
    Wanda recently posted…Champion Juicer G5-PG710 ReviewMy Profile

  23. Abdullah

    Useful information. This is something I need to put into consideration regarding my diet. Thanks for sharing

  24. love shayari says:

    It is very important to lose weight to stay healthy and fit. Also makes person happy. And coming to juice, carrot is very good for health.

  25. usman says:

    juices are important part of our diet because it provides minerals that are necessary for health.

  26. raju says:

    awesome diet tricks, everyone should follow. i really appreciate your work ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Tony Cook

    Buying a decent juicer machine was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They make you want to juice..and the stuff I have juiced…..Orange, blueberry and milk. Added some natural honey and cooked cabbage……it was incredible and the energy I had from it. Try that!

  28. Devid

    Integrating Juicing Into Your Diet is a great idea which reduced your body weight. I think it is so testy and delicious.
    Devid recently posted…Additional Tips For Lose Weight FastMy Profile

  29. Sam

    I have a question? does juice not include fibers ? I am curious to know the answer .. please (x
    Sam recently posted…How Many Calories are in Bananas (Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, Water, and Sugar)My Profile

    • Rich Donahue

      Hi Sam,
      Yes fresh juice will contain some fiber. I noticed more fiber in my juice when I used a centrifugal juicer. Some people use a screen or strainer to filter out pulp (fiber). The Omega J8004 masticating juicer I have comes with a screen to use. You put the screen over the juicing container. When the juice comes out of the machine it is filtered through the screen. I rarely use it though. Hope this helps. Thanks and best wishes!
      Rich Donahue recently posted…Juicing SproutsMy Profile

  30. Nick Carter

    howdy Rich Donahue
    this is a great article and I learnt another thing from you today
    thanks and good luck!

  31. pratik says:

    thankyou for sharing,was helpful…..undoubtedly fruits are best suppliment which we can have…safe,easy to digest ,no side effects,healthy and nutritious
    pratik recently posted…Success Whatsapp StatusMy Profile

  32. Schkinny Maninny says:

    That juice would be perfect for diet. looks healthier than other juice i’ve seen.

  33. Korex

    Wow! Thanks Rich I learnt another thing from you today.
    I will start integrating juice into my meals

  34. Paras jhamb says:

    Juices play a vital role in health.They provide good nutrition to us.We need to take as a daily meal

  35. Totally agree with you that juices are one of the best ways to reduce fat but not just any juice , the juices of all kinds of healthy vegetables and fruits are important for our body as they provide us very valuable minerals and nutrients and also hydrate our body and do not increase the amount of fat in our body . Thank you for such a wonderful blog .
    aditya girish recently posted…Garlic Health BenefitsMy Profile

  36. good information.juice is very good for health it should be in our diet.thanx for this information sharing.

  37. John

    Now this one called a post which leads you to the prefect help and fulfill your search of requirement.
    @Author really a great one thanks for sharing it.
    I will surely recommend this to y friends and colleagues.

  38. Sejuta Trafik says:

    Resep sederhana namun cukup bermanfaat. Saya suka jus sayur dan buah. Rich, terima kasih infonya.

  39. cincin palladium

    thank you for the information you have provided to us, I saw this includes a great article, may still exist in providing a good article for us all, greetings from me

  40. jocelyn says:

    Juicing is such a healthy practice. Thanks for sharing this post ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Nick Carter

    howdy Rich Donahue
    and i think so, diet help me lose weight effectively
    thanks and goos luck!

  42. toke says:

    Rich Donahue, good article. Carrot juice is very good for health because it contains vitamin A that tub for eye
    toke recently posted…3 Tips Untuk Mendatangkan Visitor Dari Luar NegeriMy Profile

  43. Anshu

    I was just browsing through the internet looking for some information and came across your blog. I am impressed by the information that you have on this blog. It shows how well you understand this subject. Bookmarked this page, will come back for more.

  44. Having juice is really healthy. Thanks a lot for sharing on that fact. It’s really a good post. Good job.

  45. Really this post contains huge valuable information on health and juice. I think it would be helpful for all. I love reading this kind of post and appreciate it highly. Thank you for sharing.

  46. Deepak Nirvana

    Nice article its nice to lose weight and stay fit and healthy i have share this to friends about their results, it can be very important information for them. Nice post

  47. Tea Diet says:

    I love making my own juices, many good benefits from them including the vitamin side of things. Thanks for the very informative article.

  48. juliana says:

    First things first: this post is awasome. Now about me. I love coctail juice becauses I am not lucky enough to have juice daily. When I do, I want to bring all alements in one go. Somehow.

  49. Nick Carter

    Howdy Rich Donahue!
    i read some your posts in this site. With this article, i think that diet is a important factor
    Thanks Rich for sharing this post!
    Nick Carter recently posted…Do Weight Loss Supplements Really Work?My Profile

  50. Kate says:

    I already include carrot and apple shakes in my routine diet. Thank you for showing the awareness of juicing. Good!

  51. Caroline Deffontaine

    My neice recently lost 2 stones by juicing and it’s something I want to try but I am put off by the cost, the waste and the mess to clean up! One thing that I have tried which is similar is green smoothies – fruit smoothies made with water with some green leaves added. But here the whole vegetable is eaten, and nothing is thrown away. Maybe I’ll get around to juicing at some point ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Jason Harper says:

    A good diet plan indeed . I would be detoxifying first then i will look onto your diet plan. i am slim but this diet plan is very convincing health wise .

  53. Julieane

    Wow! Honestly integrating juice into a diet is one of the effective ways for a healthy diet. I’m using this for so many months and I loved the results.
    Julieane recently posted…Tuberculosis: Early Signs and SymptomsMy Profile

  54. I believe a lot of us who is concerned about loosing our weight, have never thought about adding carrot juice in out diet list. After reading this post, I have added this in my list. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Fat Burner says:

    Very nice post, i really enjoyed by reading, using juice in your diet, it’s the best idea to loss weight, very helpful informations, thanks for sharing!

  56. Newman

    Thanks for this post and Happy diwali to you all. Best diwali wishes for all Americans and UK , Australia, and diwali msg images

  57. jagdish tiwari says:

    Thanks for the great info.I am looking forward to use these on my daily routine of life.

  58. Sam ray

    Great n Nice and very informative post.Thank you for useful information I will follow Ur steps

  59. Robert Wheeler says:

    For 2 days I fasted with juiced fruits in the morning, but no citrus fruits. Then for lunch and dinner, I juiced green vegetables and some carrots. Took vitamins daily. Felt great. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts! Cheers0

  60. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information with us, your blog really help us in our daily routine. Thanks in advance.
    catherine dixons recently posted…You Can Loose BodyFat And Build Muscle At The Same Time, Without Using Anabolic SteroidsMy Profile

  61. Chris says:

    G’day Rich,

    Great piece, good to see you pumping out quality content. Keep it up.
    Chris recently posted…#22 Eating Addictions, Disorders & Weight Loss w/ Vera TarmanMy Profile

  62. I also agree with you that juicing is good for our health but i also prefer to have fat diet foods, check out the list below.
    catherine dixons recently posted…Sudoku Solving Techniques โ€“ Video TutorialsMy Profile

  63. Ianna

    I agree with you that juicing is good for our health and I’ve been doing this for a year now after I give birth to my first baby. Thank you for sharing this one.

  64. Jony

    Hi Rich,
    I always appreciate articles on health improvements which juicing falls under. But I would like to add that you should try to drink the juice within 1 hour for best results. Most vegetable and fruit enzymes are only active for that amount of time and the enzyme count is a large part why fresh vegetables and fruits are so beneficial (apart from the minerals which will still be there).

  65. pankaj bhatt says:

    i will follow these tips given by you, this will definitely help me..thanks keep on sharing such post.

  66. EasyClearVision

    Great article and useful..Hi,
    Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by and I agree 100%, itโ€™s healthier for us to stay away from artificial sweeteners. Thanks again!
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  67. adi says:

    if you can afford juice is the best thing that contains low fat high vitamins is real fact, if you are serious about losing our weight.

  68. smotrevor

    yes totally agree that nothing is better than fresh juices of fruits and vegetables for health Puritans Pride Coupon Code

  69. jhoncandy

    It is right that juicing take part an important role into your diet.
    thanks for sharing.
    Keep it up.

  70. redone

    whenever we think to reduce weight ought to ought to eat correctly along with exercise day-to-day

  71. Juicing sounds interesting to me. As much as possible, I think we should make sure that we stay away from artificial sweetener. You have a really helpful blog.

  72. Malcolm says:

    I have just started juicing and love it I use a veggie juice for my lunch and a fruit juice before my dinner , am feeling a lot better about my health, thanks for you site have added it to my fav’s and subscribed also for up-dates fro m you .
    Malcolm recently posted…Great care for one sick man Hospital care and treatment is greatMy Profile

  73. Chris Evans says:

    Great info on a subject that seems to be gathering pace! There are negatives to juicing, too, and juicing at the expense of eating proper meals must be approached with caution and common sense. I think the whole topic of natural sugars also puts people off a little bit – they seem to miss the point on what sugars are good and bad for you.
    Great article thanks,

  74. Mike says:

    Hi RichSome great tips there on how to integrate juicing into your life!The storing only for a day thing I think is crucial, as freshness is a key part of the whole juicing thing I believe.Gotta try to get more of it into my diet!thanksMike

  75. Cipto Junaedy says:

    An excellent source of these fats can be obtained from cream, butter, raw eggs, flax seeds, the butter of coconuts and avocados to name a few..keep posting stuff like this…
    == cipto junaedy ==

  76. Peninggi badan says:

    eating fruit is very good for health, especially for those on a diet, but not make other than full fat. thank you for this information, I really appreciate this information

  77. Surya Tejaswini

    Rich it seems truly good how you have integrated juice in your diet.And one more favour what you have done to us is making us know how you we have to integrate juicing during each time like break fast, lunch and dinner. You always have clean an simple juicing strategies. Loved it…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Sara says:

    Great post you have here Rich! I love juicing too and I do both juice cleansing and integrating juice in my diet. Green juices and sugar beet juice are my favorite. You might want to try adding some super foods to your juices. I usually add chia seeds and maca powder. Thank you for sharing!

  79. Pregnancy Tips

    After Reading it Rich!! i am thinking to add Juice in my diet also..Really a good tips for me..thanks for it personally…

  80. Roger James

    Thanks for the info on safe juicing.
    It’s great that you aren’t talking about stopping solid food.
    There’s more advice here.

  81. Braydon from Buy Abortion Pill says:

    That info was really useful. Appreciate the response. Keep sharing more and more information.
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  82. Riya Khurana says:

    Papaya Shake is also very much beneficial for health.
    great useful sharing from your side…
    thanks a ton…

  83. health says:

    It is sometimes necessary to mix ones vegetable juice with a certain amount of fat in order to gain protein especially if you are the type that has a high protein metabolism. An excellent source of these fats can be obtained from cream, butter, raw eggs, flax seeds, the butter of coconuts and avocados to name a few..keep posting stuff like this

  84. Lose weight says:

    Hi there! This post couldnโ€™t be written much better! Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this. I’ll forward this post to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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