Juice Fast And Protein | Will I Get Enough Protein?

Rich Donahue

I am a natural health enthusiast and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Health from the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences. My website PRIME Juicers is dedicated to people who enjoy juicing and want to improve their health and lose weight by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I also write about blending, nutrition and natural health. Please join me and have fun juicing! (I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items from my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.)

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  1. Binal says:

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  2. Hey
    A very good article and helpful information given by your website and I am glad to read this important information given by you
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  3. Hey
    A very good article and helpful information given by your website and I am glad to read this important information given by you
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  4. A very good article and helpful information given by your website and I am glad to read this important information given by you
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  6. Anurag Srivastava says:

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  7. Tony says:

    Vegetables can be a very good source of protein especially if carefully selected. However, you must consult your doctor if you want to go on a prolonged vegetable diet. http://gulpmatrix.com/detailed-description-dna-controls-protein-synthesis/

  8. Joseph Sutton says:

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  9. Brenda says:

    Hey Rich,

    I have few questions in my mind, actually I just recently started workout, and I do take protein full vegetables and fruits as well as other normal diet products, but I have heard that taking protein power will be must to build some muscles.

    And I have shortlisted some powders too and one of those is Whey Protein Powder and I know it is the best one that men are taking, but I don’t know whether it will good for me as well?

    As I do not want big arm muscles but looking to get some muscle in my legs, so do I need to take protein power? I am very confused over this, as I fear that these unnatural supplements can be dangerous for women as told by my friend in gym.

    So looking for some guidance over this, please help me out, whether I should take protein powder or not?

  10. Tyler Zen says:

    Awesome. I’ve recently made the switch from regular protein to plant based and I absolutely love it. Combining it with this should be perfect. I’ll give it a shot this evening. Thanks!

  11. montgum

    Great juice. I like this very much. Thanks for the shearing.

  12. Augustus O. says:

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are one of the natural ways of getting protein and it benefits can not be overemphasized. I will recommend this post anytime.

  13. This is very nice article , I like to get more protein for my body 🙂

  14. Elise says:

    You don’t have to use powders to get proteinpowder. You can get enough protein everyday by the food you can get from grocery stores and so on. Here’s a list showing 35 different foods that are rich in protein: http://www.proteinpulvertest.no/proteinrik-mat/

  15. Johnny says:

    Thanks for excellent information, I had to translate in the google translator to understand everything,
    but finally I liked RICH

    Thank you

  16. I started adding juice to my regular eating three weeks ago and then Saturday I started juicing and drinking water. The first three days were slightly hard, and I found that I needed something, I ate about a cup of seedless grapes once a day. I am fairly active and in 6 days I have dropped 10 pounds of water weight, I no longer have trouble getting out of bed ( arthritis). My goal is to learn to eat healthily. I may not juice only, but I now realize I want to eat raw fruits and veggies and maybe lightly sautéed veggies in coconut oil. I am leaving sugar and flour alone, and I feel great with lots of energy. I feel much better during my regular bike exercises too.
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  18. Lan Tra says:

    Thank Rich for sharing nice list of raw sources .I will try them for better life.
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  19. Vamsi Kiran says:

    Nice writeup, thank you man. I was also on Juice fast quite a while ago and now got to know what can I do to get protein during those days, thanks & keep writing.

  20. vegetable Glycerin

    our diet must be full of protein or healthy.You share good recipe which is good for health.Thanx for this sharing.

  21. Miller says:

    This is great tip for detoxification of a whole body, I will try it at least once a month.

  22. Julie says:

    I’m not used to drinking a lot of vegatable and fruit juices even though I heard a lot about the great benefits that juices can bring. The only one I have had is cabbage as I have some stomach problems. To my knowledge, cabbage is good for stomach pain. I will try more after reading your post. Thanks

  23. I do agree on the sufficient protein of juices. I know some friends who have detoxified their body every month with juicy recipe only for a diet week. I couldn’t find in your list celery which I think is pretty good for anyone with high level of fat or grease in blood. Good for muscle also to my knowledge.
    Ellen Scott recently posted…Pressure Cooker vs. Pressure Canner – Similar and DifferentMy Profile

  24. Britt says:

    I love going through a juicing fast every month. The fast last for a week. I feel that my body recovers from toxin during the fast. I am trying to get my husband to do the same but he just hate drinking fruits.

  25. Richa says:

    Hey Rich

    You have given a wonderful insight in this post of yours. My point was exactly what Kevin said. I have always heard from my mother that its always healthy and more nutritious to eat fresh fruits than juices. its said here that juices are devoid of a lot of nutrition as compared to eating the raw fruit. I guess when you cant get hold of raw fruits, juices can always work. Some nutrition is better than no nutrition.

  26. Kevin

    Hello Rich,This is nice and informative post but somewhere I read that by eating crude vegetables and fruits human body gain more protein than it’s juice so here my question is what should we preferred to take?As per many myth that by juicing vegetables or fruit it’s many supplements dying or disappeared from it.

  27. Most green vegetables by weight have more protein than a lot of meats, so this is no surprise. Thanks for the info Rich!
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  28. Puu Steve says:

    Hi Rich,

    Thank for sharing this list of several raw sources . I’m going to try it now for better life.

    Thank you.

  29. Justin

    Hi Rich,
    I had believe that green leafy vegetables contain enough protein for our bodies. I remember when I was a kid and it was considered “healthy” to drink milk with dinner.

    Turns out that dairy slows down the digestion process and is generally not healthy anymore due to the state of some dairy farms. ( I quit dairy back in 1998 even though I do enjoy a splash of cream in my coffee.

    I used to own a juiceman jr but I hated cleaning up that thing.I know use my blender and makes fruit and veggie smoothies.

    Take Care.
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