Omega J8004 Juicer Part I: Making The Choice

So how do you choose a juicer anyway? My first juicer was given to me as a gift from my son on Father’s Day. It was the perfect juicer for me, a centrifugal. Centrifugal juicers are fast and easy. I can put a whole small apple in mine or shove three carrots all at once down the shoot and it does a pretty good job at extracting the juice. When juicing for your family or three or more people, I think it’s the way to go. I may change my mind after purchasing the Omega J8004, so be sure to follow me.

Juicers Omega J8004

You basically have two kinds to choose from, centrifugal and masticating. As I mentioned centrifugal juicers are fast and easy. Masticating juicers like the Omega J8004 are more efficient though and if you’re a juicing enthusiast as I am, you’ve got to at least try one (I have a sentimental attachment to the one my son bought me, so it’s hard to move on).  I bought an Omega J8004 juicer from Amazon. At the time of this article it’s on sale for $227.95 and ships free with Amazon Prime Membership (see my store). I couldn’t pass it up and besides, I’ve wanted to try a masticating juicer for a long time.

The main reason is I hear they get more juice out of your produce. I juice daily, so I’m thinking I won’t have to buy as much produce and there will be less waste. Also, I hear they extract more nutrients without damaging them (i.e., heat and oxidation) from the fruits and vegetables and you can store the juice for up to 72 hours. I store my juice now up to 24 hours and to tell you the truth, I can really notice the freshness is gone after about 6 -8 hours. I’m hoping this new juicer will help it keep its freshness longer. In addition, I see the Omega J8004  juices wheat grass and I want to be able to juice my homegrown wheat grass. Big PRO there.Omega J8004 wheatgrass

The Omega J8004 Juicer

Well it’s just an awesome juicer. Amazon currently has 396 reviews on it and a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Actually 4.6 stars. That’s impressive! I’m taking a slightly different approach with my review. I’ll do it in three parts and I’ll write specifically about my experience. Hopefully it’ll help you with your decision. But don’t just take my word for it. Some of the reviews on Amazon go into great detail, so I encourage you to check them out too.

The Omega J8004 is mechanically the same as the Omega J8006, but the J8006 is chrome. Mine is white. You’ll pay more for the chrome. The Omega J8004/8006 also have a 15 year warranty as compared to the Omega J8003/8005 which has a 10 year warranty. The auger in the J8004/8006 is black and is “hardened” to withstand more punishment than the other. We’ll see how that pans out 🙂

Come back for the unboxing to see what you get and in the next part I’ll give you my first impressions on just how well it juices. Thanks for reading, stay tuned and happy juicing!

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