Organic Food Is Better Than Conventionally Grown Food

organic food

Is organic food really better than conventionally grown food? Of course it is! Studies prove it.

Run by the USDA, organic certification audits the process of food production, handling and packaging. A farmer who obtains this strictly controlled USDA certification must be able to prove that no synthetic chemicals were on their farm. Everything that goes onto the plants — fertilizer, insecticides, etc. — must be from a stringent list of acceptable items. This is all audited for compliance, both at the paperwork level (showing purchase receipts, for example) and physically at the farm.

Organic Certification

At the food formulator and packing level, organic certification means a very stringent process for tracking raw materials is followed.

Both farmers and food packers are audited once a year by a USDA-approved organic certifier. This includes an on-site inspection which covers detailed requirements including cleaning solutions for machinery and even rodent control. Toxic rat poisons, for example, are not allowed to be used in a certified organic facility.

In contrast to organic food production, other operations can spray potentially harmful chemicals on crops in the field, including chemicals with heavy metals. Food packing and handling can take place in a warehouse that is fumigated with toxic chemicals. There are no requirements that food batches be tracked or tested for possible contamination.

Because of the requirements of organic certification, organic foods consistently test far lower in synthetic chemicals, and of course genetically modified foods are not allowed to be labeled “organic” at all.

Organic Food Is More Nutritious

Organic Food

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain

Organic foods are higher in nutrients. One very large study to examine the nutrient content of organic food has found that organic is generally more nutritious than conventionally grown produce. The four-year study led by Professor Carlo Leifert of Newcastle University is known as the Quality Low Input Food Project, and it found that organic fruits and vegetables contained as much as 40 percent higher levels of antioxidants, which are believed to reduce the risk of heart disease and many cancers. Organics also had higher levels of beneficial minerals such as zinc. And milk from organically-fed herds had antioxidant levels up to 90 percent higher than milk from conventional herds.

The study looked at fruit, vegetables and animals raised and grown on adjacent organic and conventional sites on a 725-acre farm attached to Newcastle University, and at other European sites as well.

Plenty of Skeptics Remain (updated 6/2/2016)

There are recent studies that indicate there is no difference in the nutritional value between organic and conventionally grown food.

In other studies, although organic crops had higher levels of antioxidants, they did not consistently contain higher levels of vitamins.

The differences are minimal. “Such small changes are unlikely to represent any nutritional or health benefit,” they say.

Given the big picture, lots of experts say that, from a health perspective, what you eat matters more than whether you choose organic or conventional. – The Salt:NPR

The bottom line: We still need to eat more fruits and vegetables! Juicing is a great way to do just that.”There’s No-Thing Better For You Body Than FRESH Fruit and Vegetable Juice!


Dr. Weil: Organic Foods Have More Antioxidants, Minerals

Organic Farming and Growing Impacts On Food Quality – The Newcastle Study

Is Organic More Nutritious? New Study Adds To The Evidence: The Salt: NPR


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Rich Donahue

I am a natural health enthusiast and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Health from the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences. My website PRIME Juicers is dedicated to people who enjoy juicing and want to improve their health and lose weight by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I also write about blending, nutrition and natural health. Please join me and have fun juicing! (I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items from my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.)

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  1. Tyler Hill says:

    Completely agree with Rich Donahue. Organic foods are much much better than other grown food. It is more and more nutritious food than with a scientific combination of food materials.

  2. “genetically modified foods are not allowed to be labeled organic at all”
    I’m a big fan of organic, but I never knew that organic automatically means non-gmo.
    Thanks for teaching me something new.

  3. I agreed with your statement, organic food is better for our health and lifestyle. Very informational article.

  4. ali ahmad

    The more we stay close to nature, the more we get healthy. the conventional methods are using fertilizers which are fetal for health and plants as well.

  5. Shahen says:


    Agree with you without any doubt . Chemicals kills the nutrition of (fuck you bastard) any types of food, but what will be your suggestion for huge production of food to protect from bugs ?

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  13. I am a pure vegetarian. and i prefer vegetable, and my parents telling me this thing from my childhood. veggies are better than chicken. and of course, they have fibres which are good for the heart.

  14. Doddy says:

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    explanation about
    Organic Food Is Better Than Food Conventional growth is very important for many people and the explanation is easy to understand

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  16. steve says:

    organic food is better than chemical mixed fertilizer food because chemical fertilizer contain harmful acids which affect our body
    here are some organic fertilizers

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    Im a fan of articles that writing about how your health be better and improve.
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  18. As an insurance agent, I tell people they will benefit from paying a little more for organic food than going with the cheap GMO stuff at the grocery store.
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  22. Hi Rich,

    My wife and I are all about organic food and have been trying to eat that way for a long time. In fact my wife buys Einkorn wheat berries which are a 5000 year old wheat grain that she then soaks, sprouts, dehydrates then grinds into flour for use in all of our bread making. We have also found a farm where we can buy organically fed cows and pigs (no easy task). She also ferments our fruits and vegetables, which help with gut flora as well as other things.
    However we have recently begun juicing celery every day and are really enjoying it’s benefits as well. What is your favorite Juicer, we have had problems with our masticating juicer clogging all the time?

  23. First of all THANK YOU for taking time to put together this incredibly educational post, It’s a fact that your blog posts are so unique and interesting and i think natural food keeps you healthy for a long time as my grandparents are still alive

  24. kashif says:

    yes ,there is no doubt regarding organic food’s benefits,thanks for sharing useful content.

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    cane packed food are not good for the health. Last few months i grow my own organic veg in my garden.

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  29. Raquelle G says:

    Yes! Organic food is much better. Thanks for your article and opinion!

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  31. Sophia says:

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  32. Alex says:

    I don’t know we know that still why we use plastic packing for every food we eat? is there no other way of packing the food?

  33. Shradha

    Hi, a truly informative article. I’ve recently started growing my own organic food as I realized how bad most other foods are for us. It’s a great read.

  34. Yep, I also heard that there is no difference in the nutritional value between organic and conventionally grown food.

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  55. fatima khan

    Orangic food definitely has more nutrition than processed food. But people in my country are unable to afford organic food because of its high cost, so they have to rely only on the available food.

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    I really like your post! And no doubt organic food is much better than other grown food. Therefore we need to use all the organic products.

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  92. I personally believe that organic food is overhyped. Some brand just passes the minimum requirements for slapping an organic label on their food.

    However, I believe there are legit organic food manufacturers out there that produce quality products. Thanks for sharing this information!
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  119. No matter how much skepticism remains, organic food will always be better than conventionally grown food. They may both have the same amount of nutrition, but organic food gives that piece of mind that you are less likely to deal with chemicals in your food. On the other hand, convetionally grown food doesn’t come with that same assurance since the producers can actually lie that their food is chemical-free while it’s not. This alone makes me prefer the organic food to those that have been grown through conventional means.

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  128. Whether juicing your food or not, organic is certainly the better way to go. Famous celebrity juicer Dick Gregory just passed away as I write this. He will be missed.

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  136. Christine says:

    Organic is the natural way to produce food. For centuries, people didn’t use pesticides, so their health problems were related to a lack of clean water, not to natural vegetables.
    I think that commerce should be fair too, why do you have to pay big companies that take profit of a farmer’s hard work? In Europe it is a common thing to find a seal for fair trade products, they are not cheap but sure it is the correct way to go.

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  149. Jenny B. says:

    Hi Rich, this was a very good read. I agree with you that organic food is much much better than conventionally grown food. This is why I always go to a friend of mine here in the town which is a farmer and he always has fresh vegetables. It’s much better to buy from him than going to the grocery store. Thanks for sharing!
    Jenny B. recently posted…8 Tips for Safe Pressure Cooker UseMy Profile

  150. Almoe19

    I completely agreed with you that, organic food better then conventionally grown foods. I believe that they not only taste better, but last longer too. Thanks for shearing.

  151. Julia says:

    Nice article. Organic food is always pricier, however it worths the money. I’m also switching to organic food recently. Some people may say they are just the same as normal food, but I can tell the difference.

  152. Good Article. Thoroughly enjoyed the read. Organic Food is quickly becoming the way to eat properly.

  153. Organic Food over time will definitely benefit more than “in-organic” food. You are right, it is better to grow it than buy it though. Never can trust the sources sometime

  154. Ben says:

    I agree with you organic food is better than conventionally grown food, organic food have a lot of health benefits. So, eating organic foods not only you are eating well but you are fighting diseases too. Again organic foods have numerously healthy benefits for our body.

  155. I love juicing, its just something i enjoy doing haha. Thanks for this awesome post

  156. This was a very good read. Organic foods will also be more beneficial to us, and it is reports like yours that will help turn things around. Also, there will always be paid studies which its mission is to give falsified information. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us. 🙂
    Artice Upchurch recently posted…The Principles of Being Environmentally Friendly And How To Apply Them To Your LifeMy Profile

  157. More fruits and vegetables indeed! Thanks for such a thorough article!

  158. Jdmonsees says:

    I agree our family started to produce some of our own food on our property and you can realy tell the differance
    Jdmonsees recently posted…Should I Feed My Chickens Scratch Grains?My Profile

  159. Laureen says:

    I changed my eating habits at the start of this year to more organic foods and what a difference it has made! it is a difficult switch but i have seen the fruits so far. i even fall sick less often! So many foodstuffs nowadays are genetically modified :-(. If only i could have my own garden…

  160. Tom Syuki says:

    Great article. Organic food is great and organic farming is good for the environment, which makes it more adoptable although it could be a little bit more costly in the developing countries but then eventually it is the way to go

  161. njeri says:

    very true ,organic food is the best as it has no chemical residules

  162. Amos M says:

    Rich, Thanks for this article, Organic food is better than conventionally grown food. Knowledge is power. Thanks

  163. Organic foods have no chemicals as opposed to conventionally grown foods therefore causing no illnesses, definitely for now henceforth going for organic foods.Thanks for sharing this healthy tips

  164. Crotilda says:

    Organic farming requires a lot of effort but the rewards are priceless. The organic products are more priced but very beneficial. I wish we would all embrace it but there still people who do not see the value. Thank you for this article and the juices are the healthier option.

  165. Organic food is way better for our health. They are so rich in taste and flavor compare to non-organic food.
    Nice Article, Very Educative and informative.keep up the good work that you are doing.

  166. monica says:

    You have opened up my mind. In the past, you could hardly hear of diseases such as people suffering from low blood count and other nutrition related disorders. This is because they relied on organic farming meaning that their foods were high in nutritional value. But nowadays, the convectional farming has denied such foods their nutritional requirements. Watched a clip on TV where tomatoes were grown on pumice. I wonder whether the pumice provided the required nutrients. If not so, the pumice was just used for holding the roots and the nutritional requirements came from chemicals.

  167. cate

    True Rich Donahue, Organic food is the best to use, because it doesn’t have any traces of chemical residues. also when we talk of organic farming it means no use of synthetic chemical to control pesticides and diseases. lets campaign for the organic farming .

  168. chege says:

    its interesting learning more about organic foods. Great article to read

  169. chege says:

    its interesting learning more about organic foods i believed organic foods are harmful to our bodies just as many people do here in Africa.

  170. FoA

    Great article i have learned a lot about organic and non organic food. I didn’t know organic food is more nutritious. Here in Africa people do think the opposite, they believe organic foods are harmful to our bodies.

  171. Ben says:

    While I do think that organic is best, I think at the moment the benefits are minimal. It is tough when organic is more expensive to buy a lot of the time, too.

  172. Bob

    Great article. I could be wrong, but it still seems intuitive to me that organic food is better for us and organic farming is better for the environment. I’ll only be growing organic. Thanks for the article!

  173. Hi there I have a degree in Chemistry and worked as a pesticide research chemist in Europe’s leading pesticide research facility. I think you may be confused about pesticides and it may have come from a fear of chemicals that were used in the 60’s in the Vietnam war. For starters organic farms use pesticides – you cannot grow commercially unless you do, secondly organic farming is actually worse for the environment and thirdly organic food is not more nutritious. Please click on organic food above to find out more with some scientific papers on the topic…

    • Rich Donahue

      Thank you for your opinion and I understand your position, but please refer to my reference links. Everything I have written is verifiable. I have read your link and I disagree with some of your findings.

      Not all pesticides are created equal and it’s not just about pesticides. Please refer to the first part of my article. People can decide for themselves.

      The great thing about small sustainable organic farms and my local farmer is, I can ask the farmer what they use and if I don’t like it, I don’t have to buy it. I usually am face to face with the farmer and that’s reassuring. Fresh food tastes better and there’s no question about that. I grow some of my own vegetables and I don’t use pesticides of any sort.

      Organic farming is better for the environment. Organic farming techniques protect the environment. Anyone can decide for themselves by doing a little research.

      Even without research I still have reasons to eat organic, including avoidance of harmful pesticide and chemical residues, supporting small sustainable farms and of course, organic food tastes better. When I buy organic, it’s fresh and fresh tastes better. Fresh is also more nutritious.

      People can’t always afford organic or it may not be available in their area and that’s fine. I’m not saying that organic is the only way to go. I buy conventionally grown food myself probably more than I buy organic. I do buy organic when possible though. In this article I’m simply saying organic is better, which it is in my opinion.

      There will be differences of opinion and I welcome those opinions. Thank you for visiting! Wishing you the best health and best wishes to you and your family.
      Rich Donahue recently posted…Eye Opener | Kale, Spinach, Carrot and GrapefruitMy Profile

    • Organic pesticides says:

      I have to agree with this and I like this article

  174. Just my observation after months of juicing. I think organic fruits and veggies are far more healthier and tastier. a bit pricey but worth the quality.

  175. Fan says:

    We all needs to eat more organic as we can this article it is very educative and in the same time it is very useful, too. Thank you for sharing this amazing article with us.
    Fan recently posted…Pregnancy Healthy FoodMy Profile

  176. I’m a fan of organic produce. Just make sure that a professional does the pest control for your produce making sure that the natural and organic stuff are not violated.
    Tim Clinnick recently posted…Rodent Extermination MelbourneMy Profile

  177. Nice post. Thank you for sharing. Some people don’t juice as they consider it hard as they buy vegetables, slice them, use juicer, then wash the juicer etc… Instead they prefer ready made juices bottled for longer storage capacity. Such juices are not recommended for good health.

  178. love shayari says:

    I don’t understand how organic is better than conventional??
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  179. Moo Jae says:

    This article really tells a lot! It’s true organic is so much more healthier than other food. Only few people eat organic food since they prefer those instant meals and all those yummy foodn that has a lot of preservatives.
    Moo Jae recently posted…PRIMA & DAVIDMy Profile

  180. I think we can work together on reusing your waste for other products in the pest control industry.
    let me know what you think

  181. dany blind

    Thanks Rich for this amazing post. I always thought that organic foods are genetically modified foods and potentially harmful. This clears the fog. But do organic foods have the same taste and stay fresh as long as the conventional food do?
    dany blind recently posted…Pato – Nhà hàng Coffee bánh ngọt cực ngon, view Tây HồMy Profile

  182. Zeshan Bilal

    Yeah this is right! Organic food is more healthier than artificial food 🙂
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  183. Carsita Anaminta says:

    Organic is really better than conventionally grown food. i agree with you all you said. It’s impressive that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing as well as from our dialogue made here.
    Keep it up.
    Carsita Anaminta recently posted…Adobe Indesign CS6 Key Serial Number, Patch Full Free DownloadMy Profile

  184. Arul says:

    Greetings. Your article about the food was very nice and helpful.
    Arul recently posted…Food Trilogy in The FamilyMy Profile

  185. Simran N says:

    organic food is lot better than any other food . liked the post .

  186. Boudewijn says:

    Thanks for the article. I will definitely go full organic once I have the money to do so. I prefer to pay a little more for good food than for medical expenses later.
    Boudewijn recently posted…What Convinced Me To Replace My Amalgam FillingsMy Profile

  187. shailesh says:

    Nice Information on Organic Is Better Than Conventionally Grown Food.Thank you.
    your website is good

  188. vashikaran says:

    Top notch information ,great facts reviled about the organic food .yes it better more you eat.
    vashikaran recently posted…vashikaran specialist-vashikaran for loveMy Profile

  189. Sheen

    Thanks for this great article. I agree organic food is way better for our health. They are so rich in taste and flavor compare to non-organic food.
    Sheen recently posted…8 Best fruits to eat for fast weight loss and constipation reliefMy Profile

  190. aisha

    thanks for share nice information keep it , and organic thing are good for health , its give us good thing and make it more advance and easy to use
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  191. zohaib

    i like to read comment! here a lot of comment, so these comments are amazing

  192. Kevin

    The myth is that by consumption of Conventionally grow food you can be feet and fine but it’s not so because organic food has it own value and characteristic which body demands for long- lastic healthiness.

  193. clinic says:

    Even though eating organic is more expensive, I prefer thinking of all the vitamins I’m getting as opposed to the non organic food. I am looking at it as, I’m not just buying food to fill my belly up, I am really buying vitamins, and it pays off. I would much rather pay money for the vitamins that are in the food rather than buy cheap food and then invest in a multivitamin which, by now, most of us know that the absorption rate is a real problem. It would be nice if things were easy and eating fruits and veggies was as simple as buying fruits and veggies and not worry as to whether they are natural organic or just filled with chemicals, we are not there yet but the only way to get there is to raise the demand for this kind of food and hopefully, in the future we will be able to walk into a store and just buy anything, and have the best.
    clinic recently posted…The Best Kept Secret In MedicineMy Profile

  194. Iva lourdes

    When i came upon your site, i must say your webpage is really cool. I just love the content, its outstanding! I’m in a bit of a rush in this instance to completely read your blog, but i have favourited it. I will be back when i have some time. Bravo for the site.
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  195. Its sight that Organic Is Better Than Conventionally Grown food are good for our health.more and more organic food should grow.

  196. Chirag says:

    Thanks Rich for this amazing post. I always thought that organic foods are genetically modified foods and potentially harmful. This clears the fog. But do organic foods have the same taste and stay fresh as long as the conventional food do?

  197. Heather Coburn says:

    Totally agree, organic fruit and vegetables are better for us and even taste better. I had no idea though that organic some organic food contained so many more antioxidants! Thanks for the information.
    Heather Coburn recently posted…GroVia Hybrid ReviewsMy Profile

  198. Jake Warner says:

    Great article! The more I read about non organic food the more I just want to grow my own vegetable garden! Did you hear that in the US, apples are now allowed to be genetically modified? They want to make them not turn brown when you leave them out! Seems like such a silly idea!
    Jake Warner recently posted…Xtreme Fat Loss Diet ReviewMy Profile

    • Rich Donahue

      No I did not know that. That’s very interesting. Thank you! Have a great day and happy juicing!
      Rich Donahue recently posted…Banana Sorbet With the Omega J8006 JuicerMy Profile

    • You can thank Canadian Apple Farmers for that little gem.

      Whats really funny about that, is that if you took a bite out of a conventional apple, it will brown right? But do a side by side comparison with a fresh organic apple and the browning is not there in an organic apple, or it takes a longer time to brown.

      The reason conventional apples brown quickly is that is indication of how long it has been off the tree. More realistically how long it has been decomposing under the wax plastered skin. The wax and chemicals keeps the apple shiny and new, but as soon as you expose that flesh to the air it oxidizes. An indication of how sick that apple really is. That conventional apple may have been picked over a year ago. Yummy.

      Conventional apples are available year round, but if you try buying organic apples, they usually run out about 6 months or so after harvest. Which makes apples a tough product for organic people to get through the year. I’m a HUGE Apple fan, and buy them in case lots, my favorites are Ambrosia, and it kills me that I cannot get them after about April. Usually in February they start loosing their crunch.

      The reason they are not available is because organic apples do not store well for very long, even in ideal conditions. After a couple of months they loose their crispness and become mealy. Much like what Red Delicious are like.

      Another interesting thing I learned from going organic;

      One that eats conventional CANNOT tell the difference between organic and conventional produce.

      One that eats organic CAN tell the difference .

      My wife and I have been mainly organic vegans for over a year and I can taste the difference. The texture is more natural and the flavors are more prominent. I recently ate a conventional pear and it tasted like water.

      I cant comment on if there is more nutrition, but I can there is a lot less toxins in organic produce.

  199. When I first started juicing I bought my veggies from the grocery store. Just plain veggies. I found a farmers market down the street from me that takes place every Saturday. Local organic farmers bring their fresh produce in for sale. It’s amazing to taste the difference in my juice when using organic. Plus I’ve noticed there is much more juice when using organic. I will always use organic from now on when I juice.
    Don Toivola recently posted…Juicing 101My Profile

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