The Benefits Of Juicing Cucumbers

Rich Donahue

I am a natural health enthusiast and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Health from the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences. My website PRIME Juicers is dedicated to people who enjoy juicing and want to improve their health and lose weight by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I also write about blending, nutrition and natural health. Please join me and have fun juicing! (I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items from my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.)

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  1. I just love cucumber in summer. thank you for sharing the benefits of cucumber this article will be more useful for me

  2. I was glad to see cucumber helps lose weight and is good for the skin and hair. I love cucumber either juiced or blenderized or eaten as raw snack and sometimes paired with carrots because it has a lot of water and is a good substitute for fruit juice and soda.

  3. Ashraful

    Cucumber is available all-rounder active vegetable in the cuisine, its juice would be nice.

  4. Great share Rich, I once juiced cucumber for my family but my kids happen to dislike it because its not sweet to them then I stopped. But I do It once in a while for myself and my husband.

  5. Kally says:

    great post, thanks for sharing
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  6. Hi, Really very useful Information you shared. Now I came to know the uses of cucumber.
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  7. Chris says:

    Thanks for telling me the benefits to juicing cucumbers and why you should do it.

  8. I love cucumber juice, cucumbers helps in weight loss and also detoxifies and much more…
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  9. Fresh vegetable juice is healthy and nutrient. Cucumber is best for cancer prevention, good for blood pressure, teeth and disgesting system. But it’s even better that we peel the skin before jucing as I know some will keep the skin. However, eating too many raw cucumbers or too much cucumber juice can give you some side effects.
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  10. jennifer says:

    oh! I didnt knew a lot of that thanks for the share, great article. Guess there’s a new regular in my diet

  11. Esther says:

    I love fresh juice…Thanks for sharing this. Cucumbers are helpful to the skin.

  12. Dorcas Nduati says:

    Wow cucumbers helps in weight loss and also detoxifies and much more…

  13. Nina Volk says:

    Fruit is very useful to use, and vegetables, cucumbers in our region is sufficiently previously only used them to salads, and did not know what to do with their juices. Now in the morning I do a sok of cucumber.
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  14. Marty says:

    Wow, who knew that juicing cucumbers could be so beneficial? I had no idea, but I’ve given it a try thanks to this article, and I agree that it is an excellent idea. Great website BTW, I’ll be back to gather more juicing info soon! 🙂
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  15. faissel rhonam

    Thank you Rich for showing the benefits of juicing cucumbers.
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  16. mitchell says:

    This is very good information to all and thanks for sharing. i loved it and started having 3 time per week.
    Know about one of the best part of your body

  17. Bigger chest says:

    Very nice informations about cucumbers, i really like your juice, i’ll make it to change my routine, cuz i eat it every day, making juice as this one, will be good idea, thanks for sharing!

  18. kit

    Agreed! Cucumbers are great for weight loss and for juicing. However, some people don’t even like them. Not even in salads. Some even think they reduce the vitamin C nutrients on other vitamin C providers. I don’t really care because they are great for my ulcers.

  19. jaky sijar says:

    Wow, beautiful post and article. Thank you for share with us. I have knowledge about a beauty products website. You can see some especial cream products.

  20. Alabi says:

    I make sure I eat at least two cucumbers every Tuesday and Two slice of watermelon every Thursdays. I got to do this when I was feeling pain at my left chest. I was thinking it might be heart attack signs and I decided to be eating a lot of cucumber and watermelon with some exercises. I am now feeling better.
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  21. Surya Tejaswini

    I normally don’t eat cucumbers. As today i came to know how cucumber is a useful in abundant ways i should make it a practice to taste including it to my diet. Even my mom don’t take it at all. I have to tell her too. Thank you richie…… 🙂

  22. Salma says:

    Cucumber is one of my favorite vegetables, and i was not aware about its juice, which i have learned here. I shall make its juice to use it on regular basis.

  23. Adrienne says:

    Cucumber juice is great and so good for health. I usually juice mine and use it right away as it will lose some of its vitamins over time even when chilled.

  24. Frank

    Great article Rich! I often include cucumbers in my Green Juices because of the many health benefits you mentioned…Frank

  25. Karielyn

    I LOVE cucumber juice…especially with spinach and celery…it’s my favorite! Do you find it’s hard to juice (gets kind of mushy)? I use an Omega 8005 juicer. Thanks for the informative post! Karielyn

    • Rich Donahue

      Hi Karielyn,

      Thanks for responding. I love adding cucumber because it tastes great and makes the green juice more palatable for me. I use a centrifugal juicer which does cucumber nicely. I refrigerate them so they stay crisp and juice them as quick as possible. The J8005 (masticating type) just handles those differently. Thank you again and Happy Holidays!
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