Why Juicing?

“Let your food be your medicine,and let your medicine be your food.” – Hippocrates

why juicing

Use the healing properties of food and improve your health today with juicing!

It’s great fun and THERE’S NO-THING BETTER FOR YOUR BODY THAN FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLE JUICE! I’ll share with you what I’ve learned from years of juicing. The best juicers, juicer reviews, juicing books and juicing recipes. I hope you’ll join me and follow this website.  You won’t be sorry!

Why Juicing? – It’s Simple

It’s simple for me. When I juice I get my recommended servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. The recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables is somewhere between the number of 5 and 9 servings (depending on who you ask). I find it difficult to manage to eat only 5 servings per day and that’s one reason I juice. Studies show, only 20 percent of Americans eat five or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables, and a mere 5 percent consume seven servings. When I juice I consistently get between 5 and 9 servings per day. I want to help you find the best juicer for your needs so you can get the same benefit out of juicing as I have. Who knows, you may live a longer, happier and healthier life. So juice on!

Why Juicing? – Antioxidants, Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals

Do you need more reasons to start juicing? At PRIME Juicers we believe it’s good for your body. FRESH fruit and vegetable juice will give your body the antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals it needs to heal, be stronger and feel better. FRESH juice contains more available nutrients and enzymes than chewed raw food. You can’t get the same benefits from cooked or steamed vegetables, not to mention the canned or frozen products. It’s just not the same. In my opinion, there’s no-thing better for your body than FRESH fruit and vegetable juice.

Myths and Facts of Juicing

Some people say, “Juicing detoxes are unnecessary and we have natural detoxifying systems: the liver, kidneys and GI tract are great filters that naturally remove toxins from the body. We don’t need to throw a whole lot of juice in there to do the job for us.” – Why juicing? Our bodies weren’t designed to eat fast food, processed food, GMO’s, pesticides and chemicals. Our bodies are amazing and the creator gave us everything we need, but we have to protect it, which I’m sure you’ll agree with. A healthy 24hour to 3 day juicing cleanse a few times a year is very beneficial for our bodies to get rid of built up toxins and restore our bodily systems. I’m a juicing enthusiast and believe strongly in the power of fresh fruit and vegetable juice. All you have to do is try it and you’ll see  an improvement in your health.

Other’s say, “Juicing is bad because juicers remove the fiber from fruits and vegetables. Juicers also concentrate the sugar and that’s bad.” – You get fiber through many other foods. You can also add back in some of the pulp to your juice if you want. I’m not saying, just juice. I’m saying juice in moderation to supplement your diet with healthy fruits and vegetables.

It’s true, juicing fruit does concentrate the fruit sugar, but as I said, do it in moderation. If you juice green vegetables you won’t have to be concerned about the sugar. I juice more vegetables than I do fruit. When juicing fruit I think it’s a good idea to dilute the juice a little with purified water or sparkling water. It hardly changes the taste (many say it’s better) and you reduce your sugar intake.

According to the Department of Agriculture, 90 percent of the antioxidant action in fruit is in the juice, not the fiber. Fresh fruit juice is very good for your body. That’s why juicing works!



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